Another Post for the Competition!

I’ve posted a two part post (IĀ  have a 250 word limit there!) about homework.

I have written about this topic often here so you will find the content familiar. The posts themselves are not copies of posts from this blog.

I’m NOT Joking – Homework can make students feel more NOTICED! Part One

I’m not Joking – Homework makes students feel more NOTICED! Part 2

Feel free not to click if you’ve been listening to me as things developed!


2 thoughts on “Another Post for the Competition!”

  1. Love the topic šŸ™‚ A simple trick I used to do (and recommend) was to “find something right”. As I would walk around class reviewing their homework (a simple way of making sure they actually have it …), rather than focusing on my students’ mistakes, I would highlight their correct answers so that when we checked the homework, they could participate with confidence that the answer they were offering was indeed correct. šŸ™‚

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