A Visual Study Guide – Essay Writing

Visualise It, by Naomi Ganin Epstein

Sometimes you need to begin in the middle.

Simply hone in on the problematic zones without starting at the top every single time.

When it comes to essay writing, most of my advanced students are great at writing opening paragraphs of opinion essays. Their concluding paragraphs are coming along nicely as well, they’ve clearly grasped the principles.

However, crafting the two “body paragraphs” in between is more problematic. The students are required to present their arguments clearly and support their claims with additional information and relevant examples.  They need to be aware of such minefields as not writing two paragraphs about the same argument (just using some different words) or contradicting themselves with their examples.

Before doing all of that, the students actually have to come up with ideas to present…

Students complaining that the school system is unfairly asking them to write about things they aren’t interested in, so how could they possibly be expected to have anything to say about the topic won’t get them very far…

As a teacher of Deaf and hard-of-hearing students, I felt I needed a   guided writing sample essay based on visual explanations along with a task using visual cues for my students. Since I didn’t have a visual study guide, I created one…

Perhaps your students will find this helpful as well!

Note – it’s designed to be viewed on a cell phone, which is what my students do. If you tap on the screen, the “Canva” watermarks disappear.
It can be viewed on a computer as well.





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