The Nicest & Saddest Comment from a Student

” Hi Naomi Good morning, I’m glad I got better, and really fun to learn with you, the very caring and important to you I do ”

That was what a student wrote to me as a reply to my comments on a returned assingment (the tasks are handed in, commented on and graded using edmodo).

She got a 76 , its the highest grade she’s ever got in this course. She’s had to hand in revisions for every single task till now. For some tasks it was several revisions.

I was so touched.

And am so concerned.

I certainly have causeĀ  to worry that that grade of 76 may have been a lucky fluke. The course is practically over. Will she be back where she started, with a failing grade?


4 thoughts on “The Nicest & Saddest Comment from a Student”

  1. Chiew,
    I’m actually not like that at all. This particular student, who actually works and participates has given me every reason in the book to be worried!
    Test in three week – we’ll see!

  2. Why not thinking about her learning process?There are students who need more practice to achieve their goals. Be possitive,you’re a good teacher and perhaps she found her way.Let us know how everything ends!!

    1. That’s just it, Patra, it’s her learning process that has got me so worried. I let all the students in this course revise their work and correct their mistakes and the number of revisions she needs for every task has not gone down! Not to mention the things said in class…
      We’ll know soon!
      Thanks for stopping by!

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