Saturday’s Movie/Book: “Cloud Atlas”

Last night we had a “family movie night”. It gets so much harder to do things together when sons are so big (over 18) and busy. So when both sons were available and interested in seeing the movie “Cloud Atlas” we ate supper and trouped off to Cinema City Multiplex.

The movie is an adaption of a book by David Mitchell. I read about the movie when it was being made, sounds like one of the toughest books to adapt – 6 different stories that take place in different periods of time. Different but connected.  When you watch it at first it is difficult to understand the connection (I understand that in the book the stories are presented in a linear fashion but in the movie you get bits from each), but the fact that the actors are the same helps emphasize the repeated themes.  And the themes are important here – freedom and human rights.  This puzzle-like characteristic of the film actually made it an excellent choice for a “family film”. On the ride home we had lots to discuss, pointing out how cleverly details and hints apeared in the different segments.

I was really concerned about the length of the film – 3 hours!! But it is visually AWESOME and is very well paced so it wasn’t as problematic as I feared. Though, as much as I enjoyed the film I think it would have worked just as well a half an hour shorter.

Did I say I’m a big fan of Tom Hanks?

6 thoughts on “Saturday’s Movie/Book: “Cloud Atlas””

  1. Hello Naomi,
    It was nice to see the name of your post in my reader because I have heard quite a lot about this film / book recently.
    I had a discussion about films in my private blog and many friends pointed this film out and recommended strongly.
    So yes, will see it asap!


    1. Oh, do tell me if you enjoy it! Glad you are discussing movies with people – this one is tailored for discussions!

  2. I really enjoyed reading the book a few years back and am looking forward to the film. It doesn’t come out until February, possibly March (can’t remember) here, so we’ve got a bit of a wait. I think it’ll be worth it though, as the cast looks excellent. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that it’s the biggest budget independent film ever – you can see why they would need it with all the demands of the book!
    I’ll let you know what I think 🙂

    1. Sandy!
      I’m amazed to hear that we got the movies so much earlier than you did (and I didn’t go the first week, either!).
      Whatever one likes or doesn’t like about it – the movie is visually spectacular! Enjoy!

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