Saturday’s Book: Listening to “The Red Notebook” by Paul Auster

I downloaded this for free at the Open Culture site.  It is read by the author. I can’t really comment on their selection as I really wanted a book to listen to and got as far as the letter A…

I had my misgivings as whether Paul Auster was a good choice. I had loved “Mr Vertigo” and the “Music of Chance” when I read them years ago. But I did not like “Leviathan” and couldn’t finish “the New York Trilogies” (too much of the same!).

But it turned out to be an excellent choice. The Red Notebook is a collection of short, odd tales, that the author collected over the years from his own experiences and those of his friends. Each tale stands on its own so its fine when  you need to stop frequently and listen to it in pieces.

My only regret is that it is only an hour! Now to look for another one!

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