Saturday’s Book: More on “A Suitable Boy” by Vikram Seth

The more I get into this book the more I enjoy it. What a fascinating peek into life (of a certain sector of society) in India in the early fifties!

There’s a great passage about Mountain Parakeets, whom the author claims can be taught to speak even better than Mynah birds. As long as they are taken young and kept in their cages, with no other parakeets, that is (how cruel!). You think you are reading about birds and then suddenly the comparision between the parakeet and the plight of the teenage unmarried girl, who in the future will be exchanging one set of four walls for another, becomes startingly clear.

Still complaining about the size though. I spent time in waiting rooms twice this week, but had to read other things. I simply cannot run around with a paperback book of 1, 474 pages!

4 thoughts on “Saturday’s Book: More on “A Suitable Boy” by Vikram Seth”

  1. Hi Naomi! I am tempted to read the book but its size MATTERS, ha ha! I mostly read in bed before falling asleep. What if the book falls on my face?

    1. It’s harder to hold in the very beginning. As you progress it becomes easier to balance in your hand. This book really should have been published in two volumes…Everyone says its worth it! So far, I really agree but I’m waiting till I have finished it.

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