Saturday’s Book: 16 Kinds of Snow by Kostrzewski

We don't have snow, only rain! And not much of that! (Naomi's photos)
We don’t have snow, only rain! And not much of that! (Naomi’s photos)

The full title of this E-Book is: 16 Kinds of Snow or How & Why Bilinguals do it Better by Wiktor Kostrzewski

It’s fun to read an e-book based on a blog, especially as I have actually met the writer in person. You can feel how, like in a blog, Kostrzewski draws examples from ongoing daily life to make his points clear. He uses a wide variety of springboards, from podcasts to romance. Makes me want to shout things out in response “Hey Wiktor – I listen to “This American Life” podcasts too!”

At first it takes some getting used to though. Blog posts are designed not to be particularly long and in the beginning I was repeatedly surprised that a chapter was over, I sort of expected more in a book.  In that sense  I liked the second part of the book better, which was written for the book and not as a blog post.

Reading the whole book did give me a complete picture, as Kostrzewski details ways to deal with the decision to learn a second language and stick with the plan. It’s helpful information both as a teacher (though he does have teachers of language schools in mind I believe, and not school-teachers in national schools) and as someone who still toys with learning Spanish for her own use one day. Kostrzewski  sounds like a real person, that understands you and the juggling act that is life.


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