Saturday’s Book: “The Carpet People” by Terry Pratchett

Standoff in the school yard
Standoff in the school yard

When our youngest son saw what I was reading he wanted to know why I was reading THAT one, the author’s first book. He didn’t think much of it.

It’s not exactly the author’s first book, only partially so (I was quite taken with the forward to the book, explaining this!) – Pratchett wrote it when he was 17 and then rewrote parts of it many years later.

I liked it. I found it to be more of an allegory than a fantasy book. You could tell that he was born after WWll and how the young Pratchett must have been troubled by how neighboring peoples could actually get along. I actually imagine that he must have spent hours contemplating life’s problems while lying on his stomach on the living room carpet. ¬†And then finding himself correcting history in his carpet land.

I have to agree with my son that it’s not one of his best, But I think it is worth reading!

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