A Valentine’s Day Video Lesson: A Silent Melody

Many thanks to the lovely Beata Gulati for sending me this video in time for Valentine’s Day!

Anything to do with romance goes down well with my teenage students. This video has no spoken dialogue, the vocabulary level of the written English is simple, all is understood when watching the video in silent mode, and the heroine is Deaf! It’s as if the film has Valentine’s Day written all over it!

The use of that particular kind of alarm clock in the video doesn’t make sense. I “complained” about it to Beata but that’s just quibbling. Frankly, I think it is an opportunity to expose the students to the phrase “it doesn’t make sense!” If you watch the video and don’t understand why it doesn’t make sense, scroll down to the end of the post. I’ll explain it there.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Deaf people use an alarm clock that vibrates. The clock has to be placed on her bed for Swetha to be awoken by it.

13 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Day Video Lesson: A Silent Melody”

  1. One of the moving videos I have ever seen.
    What motivation on both their parts.
    ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way!’
    thanks for sharing….as I shall do now…..

  2. Absolutely beautiful! I saw this video once before ; you’ve made a wonderful lesson out of it!! It’s postitive, upbeat and has a happy ending. What more could one want from a Valentine’s Day lesson? Kol Ha’kavod Francine!!

  3. what a cute video, the girls would love it , it is a GREAT homeworkk assignment, the only problem being that i work in a religious school. i would get the girls to send me the answers to my email.
    thank you

  4. What a sweet video! And great questions 🙂 I hadn’t seen EdPuzzle used before (I’ve noticed your videos, but hadn’t watched them) – very useful tool.

  5. Hi Naomi. Lovely! And a question – When I experimented with EdPuzzle and tried to send it to colleagues to try out, they weren’t able to answer the questions. How do you create Guest Mode so that they can answer?
    Thanks for the video!

    1. Wendy,
      Glad you liked it!
      When you go into the share mode, you find all kinds of sharing options. Play around with them. I used the embed code. Edpuzzle has excellent support – they answer really fast. Try asking them anything you need to know!

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