Update on “The Coincidence Makers” by Yoav Blum

The local scene - yellow everywhere!
The local scene – yellow everywhere!

Sometimes it’s great to be wrong!

When I enjoy a book I like to write it about it on my blog, as you know. I also like to tell the author, if possible.

Well, in this case it was possible.

And the author, Yoav Blum, was kind enough to write me back.

With good news.

The book has been translated into English and is available as a Kindle Edition. See the link here.

I had no idea.

It also turns out that the bio information on the cover of the book isn’t updated. The author no longer lives in the same city I do! ┬áBut he stayed really close, so he can still feel the local magic…

As I said, delighted to be wrong!



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