Going Where the Kids are – Vocabulary Lists & Computer Games

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See, Mom?

Here is the list of words for middle school that the English teacher told all the parents about when you came to school.  The teacher gave us the list too.

The teacher  gave us a challenge:

Find as many words from the list as we can, in our computer games.

We add the words to a shared online document – see how many words we found today?


Now I’m looking for screenshots of words in the games.

Look! I found a few already.


appearance, creator /create (NBA)
team, continue, available  (and objectives from BAND 3)  FIFA

Now, Mom, I have to call some friends. They have different computer games than I do.

I want to hear what they found.

  • The list linked to in the post is a “work in progress” and will be updated! Note my comments in red  – the difference between “fresh” and “refresh” leads to a discussion of the prefix “re”!
  • If you and your students find additional words or create a list of your own, please link to it in the comment section, so we may all use it!
  • I’d love to hear about discussions you had or activities you prepared based on the connection between computer games and the “Band Lists”. Tell us about them in the comment section!


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