Just give ’em a pencil!

I know we’re supposed to encourage responsibility and student-like behavior and I usually try to do that. However, some of these pupils are “special ed” in more ways than one. Mix that with the fact that I’m teaching deaf Israeli , Hebrew speakers, English as a FOREIGN language and it’s a tough subject, I must “pick my fights”. And so, like on this stormy day, you will find me handing out paper, pencils and most importantly – supplying a tissue box! I have other “battles to wage!”

2 thoughts on “Just give ’em a pencil!”

  1. Agreed. I work with Special Ed students, and if they need a pencil, they know they need to ask for one – either from me or from another student.

    When it comes to book reports or projects, I bring along my large box to keep rough drafts and eventually their finished product if they ask for help in storing it. The fact that they know they need help is a major step in taking responsibility.

  2. Doesn’t it seem that more boys come to class without pencils, papers etc. than girls? Though, of course, there are those girls who are so obsessed with their highlights and rulers they can’t start doing the actual task until everything is neatly underlined!

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