I “CLOUDED” my site too!

David Dodgson suggested making a WORD CLOUD  of one's blog.
Having seen David's cloud and Cecilia's Cloud and
Sandy Millin's CLOUD I decided to follow suit!
Here it is:

word blog cloud
I'm somewhat puzzled. Some things are obvious. The words
"goals" and "project"
are very prominent because of all the posts related to the
 30 goals project I'm participating in!

It makes sense to me that the words
"fascinating" "excited" "intriguing" appear because I feel
all these things about the new blogosphere

Family is very important to me though I suspect the word
 is fairly large because some of my Saturday's Books
have been devoted to books all the family can enjoy.

But why is the word "students' so much smaller than
on other people's blogs? I thought I had been
writing quite a bit about my students! Puzzling...

5 thoughts on “I “CLOUDED” my site too!”

  1. Something to think about… But also take into account that wordle only uses your last 10 posts or so Naomi, so it might have influenced students being smaller – You probably have focused more on other matters.

    I was impressed by the size of your cloud and the word variety in it. 🙂 Really liked it!

  2. Hi Naomi,
    I agree with Cecilia. Could also be that although you’re writing about students you’re not using the word specifically, or you’re using synonyms (in which case the rest of us should learn from you and get a thesaurus out!)
    Fascinating 🙂

  3. Cecilia and Sandy,
    Yeah, I guess I’ve been using “kids” “pupils” “boys /girls” or “they / them”…
    Now I have to try using word clouds in class!

  4. Having just read your interesting post on the last of the 30 goals I then read your wordle. What stood out for me was the proximity of the words “whole new project”. This made me smile as I thought about what exciting new direction / new project you would now take on! ;-p

    Fascinating wordle 😀

  5. You got me there – I’m always working on several projects (including a surprise for my husband’s birthday!)

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