Surprising Road Sign



I encountered this road sign on our recent trip to Alaska.

I have never seen such a sign before.

While it is true that deaf children don’t hear cars coming (and I know from experience that many special needs children have over-protective parents) my theory is as follows:

* Children at play should be supervised till they are old enough to be careful

* Children shouldn’t play on the road.

This applies to all children, hearing or not.

When the deaf child who lives in that house is old and responsible enough to play unsupervised, I am pretty sure he /she won’t be playing under the sign. And if the child hasn’t yet learned to be highly aware of cars, then supervision is what is needed, not a road sign.

Perhaps the fact that I don’t live there, or in the USA at all, is impairing my ability to understand the context in which this road sign was considered the right thing to have in front of the house.

Because I don’t get it.

Do you?

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