It’s Saturday! Musings on Movies Based On Books!

I really enjoyed reading the book “The Help” by Stockett over a year ago.

Tonight we’re going to see the movie.

I am one who usually says ” the movie wasn’t as good as the book”. I also try to read the book before seeing the movie because I ususally don’t want to read the book afterward (which, you might argue, doesn’t make sense because by the same token the book is supposed to be better!). I’ve come across the book “Beautiful Mind” several times while browsing in the library but haven’t taken it because I’ve seen the movie.

There have been exceptions though.

“Holes” by Sachar was a great book and a great movie.  I had been really afraid to see “The Kite Runner” because there are some very difficult scenes in the book which I had no desire to have presented to me in a more visual manner than they are already depicted. Yet the movie was done so well I found myself riveted.

I think the secret has to do with not trying to capture everything in the book.  Like the first Harry Potter film, which I felt was racing to cram in as many details from the book as they possibly could. Disappointing. When the directors give the characters the depth they need so that we understand who they really are, it is easy to deal with the missing details of the plot.

Of course, I expect the movie to stick to the basic story ! One of my biggest disappointments was the movie “Cheaper by the Dozen”. I have the book and read it with pleasure more than once (to my boys, too). However, the movie used the name and the fact that there were 12 kids and nothing else. I got the feeling that whoever wrote the script hadn’t even read the book!

So, will I enjoy the movie tonight? I’ll add a comment to this post when I get home!


4 thoughts on “It’s Saturday! Musings on Movies Based On Books!”

  1. Hi Naomi – I just finished reading The Time Traveller’s Wife – it’s one of those books that I raced to finish but felt almost bereft when I did as I knew I was going to miss the little world it had created. Definitely in two minds about whether to see the film or not. Looking forward to hearing your views on The Help.

  2. I just love your posts Naomi… and I get so many great recommendations of books and films. Need to find the time to read / watch them all!!!

    I was going to say “just need” but having just read Brad’s latest post, I thought again and deleted it. Isn’t the PLN the best? Makes us learn, reflect… Like you.

    Looking forward to that review! 😉

  3. So, did you like film “The Help”? We loved it and I agree the book probably runs deeper, but the acting is superb! (Check out what the actresses look like in real life … )
    I highly recommend is Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy ( DON’T even waste your time to see the movie – before or after reading the books! We couldn’t put the books down and each is about 500 pages!

  4. It was too late to comment last night – I really enjoyed the movie and was glad I saw it!
    I noted most omissions from the book’s plot with an approving nod – bringing those issues up would have caused unnecessary complications (except for one) though I did feel that the movie laid on “the schmaltz” a bit strong at the end (mind you, count me with the ones who was clutching a tissue!).
    Even my husband, who wasn’t enthusiastic about going to this film enjoyed it!

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