Saturday’s Book: “As I Died Laughing” by David Lloyd

As I Died Laughing is an E-Book.

As a rule, I don’t care what format a book is in – I’m interested in the content.

However, since I don’t own an electronic reader I have ignored E-Books till now. It isn’t comfortable to read them on Adobe Reader. Particulary as I spend enough time working on the computer, I would rather read for pleasure away from the computer.

So why am I reading this one?

My original motivation was simply that it is written by David Lloyd. David gave the Israeli English teachers in Israel an online email support/discussion group in the early 1990s, I believe, long before there was social media and online personal learning networks. This group, ETNI, was and remains very important to me. David blogs at Why I may still be Canadian

My motivation now is that the characters are intriguing, I have no idea what will happen next and I’m curious to find out!

If it wasn’t an E-book I would have finished it by now! However, as I read something else in bed before going to sleep, it will take me a bit longer…

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