Saturday’s Short Story: “The Musical Brain” by Cesar Aira

This Argentinian author begins the story in very simple way, describing  what seems to be a straightforward memory of a clear event.

The shift is slow, at first I didn’t notice it. Then I realized I was riveted to the story as the most unusual things were taking place! One of those of authors who blurs the borders between reality and the fantastic. I really had no idea where this story was going till I got there!

5 thoughts on “Saturday’s Short Story: “The Musical Brain” by Cesar Aira”

  1. Hi Naomi!

    That sounds like a really interesting book! I love everything that has to do with the brain and thinking, even if it is fictional. Big fan of Oliver Sacks, who has written lots on music and the brain.

    Another book for my wishlist! (Loras family, prepare to fill my stocking with loooots of books for Christmas! Ha ha!)

    Happy Chanukah, Naomi!


  2. Hiya you two book lovers!
    This isn’t a book (I’m still reading The Day Lasts More than a Hundred Years).
    It is a short story. I have a subscription to The New Yorker magazine (thanks to my brother!) and I have my weekly short story. Some of them are great!

  3. Aha! The New Yorker….and my sister is wondering what to get me for Christmas – I just saved her from the trouble! Or should I say, you saved her Naomi! Lol!

    Thank you,

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