Saturday’s Book: “Summertime” by Coetzee

When I find a book that has been recommended to me in the library, I make a point of NOT reading the blurb on the back cover. Once the decision to read the book has been made (this one was recommended by friend and fellow book-lover Vicky Loras) I don’t want any spoilers.

However, I couldn’t ignore the adjectives on the front cover: “compelling, funny, moving and full of life”.

I’m not quite sure yet what to make of the book even though I’ve read a third of it already. Certainly compelling – I would love to grab a blanket (it’s cold here!!) and continue reading.

“Funny” – not at all.

I find it a puzzling book – some of it seems like an intellectual puzzle or “swordplay with words”. Other parts seemed designed to shock.

I’ll keep reading and see how it plays out!

4 thoughts on “Saturday’s Book: “Summertime” by Coetzee”

  1. Hi Naomi!

    I am happy you decided to start this book – and I couldn;t agree with you more : ) It is one of the most unusual books I have ever read – and totally agree, definitely not funny. I love how you described it, a “swordplay with words”.

    I hope you like it in the end – right now I am reading an ELT book, “Life With Two Languages” by Professor Francois Grosjean. Love it!

    Have a great week!

  2. I’ll certainly keep you posted when I finish the book, Vicky!
    I certainly can’t find the book you are reading now in the library! LOL!

  3. OOOH, my mind is racing now! I know just the book you probably can’t get in your library (though its not about teaching!). Thanks Vicky!

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