KUDOS to an EFL Teacher who Promotes Peace Through Music!

When the news is filled with the horrid events in Toulouse, France, it is so heartwarming to see this video.

Lauren Ornstein, an awesome teacher and musician who works with both Jewish and Arab students as an EfL teacher and counselor, is also a Music in Common volunteer in Israel.

This is their latest workshop video “Peace -Shalom – Salaam”, a song written and performed by both Jewish and Arab students. They also participated in video-taping the project.

If you listen carefully you will hear her in the background.


4 thoughts on “KUDOS to an EFL Teacher who Promotes Peace Through Music!”

  1. Adele!
    Both of you reach out to the powerful things we have in common with everyone, you to the power of laughter and Laurie to the power of music.
    May both of you have strength to continue for many years to come!

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