Saturday’s Book: “For the Relief of Unbearable Urges” by Nathan Englander


and again: WOW!

I find that I need a break of a day or two after reading each story in this collection to get my breath back.

I’ve read the first four stories. Reading them goes quickly and easily but then time is needed to take in what I have just read. Time is needed to understand how Englander has brought me from here to there without me quite realizing it.

So far, the first story “The Twenty-seventh Man is the one that has left the most powerful impression on me.

But there are five more stories I haven’t read.

Haven’t a clue as to where Englander will take me next.

Certainly planning to find out!


***Note from a week later: The story “In this way we are wise” left me gasping for air as much as the “tweenty seventh man” did.

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