Saturday’s Book: “All Over Creation” by Ruth Ozeki

I was grumbling at the library this week. I know that at the English section of our library you have to come with an open mind and browse but I wasn’t in the mood for browsing. And the browsing wasn’t going well. It seemed that every book I picked up was created from the same mold of romance novel or was one I had read. I finally decided that this book  seemed different and took it home.

Good choice!

The book is really captivating and I find it difficult to stop reading! The heroine is the daughter of Lloyd, a giant potato farmer from Idaho and Momoko, a tiny Japanese woman with an extraoridnary green thumb. Her name is Yumi but everyone calls her Yummy! Though she is the heroine, the story is cleverly told from the different points of view of other characters.

This is certainly a book with an evironmental message but its not “preachy” – very readable. I’ve already read 154 pages!

The langauge teacher in me can’t help but point out this wonderful descriptive sentence about Momoko: ” After fifty years in Idaho she still spoke with the deliberateness of a foreigner, carefully pronouncing words, lining them up one after another and launching them tentatively in the air” (p-10).

Side note: I actually knew that Momoko’s name was related to the word “peach” – we have a children’s book about a boy who was found in a peach (The peach boy) and the boy’s name is Momataro. Funny how one suddenly remembers such things!

2 thoughts on “Saturday’s Book: “All Over Creation” by Ruth Ozeki”

  1. Wow Naomi!

    Sounds like a great book – another one for my list!

    Thank you so much for giving my Saturdays that special somethign to wait for : )

    Have a great evening,

    1. I’ve read about three quarters of the book so far.
      The first part was great and then there was somewhat of a drop. Now it is has picked up again.
      I take note of your recommendations too!

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