It’s Saturday! Musings on the Dangers of Recommending Books

A few weeks ago I was enthusiastically telling some people how funny I thought the book which I was reading “The Hundred Year old Man who Climbed out of the Window and Disappeared” was.

One of the women who heard went out and bought the book.

When I met her again a week later she had read about 30 or 40 pages. “When does it get funny”? she asked. I was a bit taken by surprise as I had started chuckling by the end of page one. I said something about the hero leaving Sweden soon and meeting all these famous people and she nodded hopefully.

I met her again a few days ago. She didn’t mention the book and I didn’t ask but the conversation was akward and short. If she had just borrowed it from the library instead of buying it…

What’s nice about my blog, as opposed to such situations, is that I don’t see it as”a book recommendation blog”. I write about my own feelings about what I’m currently reading. I’m delighted when people discuss their opinions with me but I don’t feel commited to supplying a full or objective review of the book for readers.

Perhaps “funny” is the most “dangerous” word. People differ wildly in regards as to what makes them laugh. If I had discussed a heart-wrenching drama the expecations may have been clearer.

But then again, maybe not. The style of writing is very important to me and people have been bored by books I found dramatic…

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