Saturday’s Book Tales

The horrific events in Conneticut, U.S.A pushed the book We Need to Talk about Kevin back into focus. I read it a year and a half ago and discussed it in two parts, as it was so upsetting. The parts are here and here.

With events such as these happening, I guess people don’t need to read that particular book as a wake-up call. Alarm bells should be ringing as loud as can be.

A moment of silence.

On a completely different note – it seems that some things are made to be.

Last week Baiba Svenca passionately reccomended a book called “The Swan Thieves” by Elizabeth Kostova. I took note of the recommendation but was determined NOT to look for it when I went to the library on Thursday. Our library’s collection in English is very erratic and I’ve been dissappointed often. Gems are found when I come with an open mind. Last visit to the library I tried looking for THREE different books and came home with NONE. Luckily, my good friend Dorit lent me An Equal Music (which I really enjoyed, though it is a bit too long) so that turned out well.

Anyway, what do I see thirty seconds after entering the English section of the library on Thursday? You got it – The Swan Thieves! And I wasn’t even looking for it!

So, you already know what next Saturday’s book will be. I’ve just begun (two chapters) and am delighted but its much too soon to write about it.

May everyone have a safe and peaceful week.




2 thoughts on “Saturday’s Book Tales”

  1. Naomi, I am so happy that you found the book, and easily at that! I can’t wait till I hear your verdict and thoughts about it 🙂

  2. Isn’t that amazing, Baiba?
    I know that for you, at least, knowing what Saturday’s post will be about is not a problem!

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