Saturday’s Poem: “True Love” by Wislawa Szymborska

Among the “rainfall” of books I received for my birthday, I was fortunate to receive a collection of poems by Wislawa Szymborska.

I had heard of her but hadn’t read anything of hers. Somehow, when I go to the library, I don’t look for poetry.

But a book of poems is good to own, because I find it good to read it slowly. Read a poem and think about it. Then read it again. I’ve only read a few of them so far and I am excited. Its good to know that I have many more to savor in the coming months.

This particular one, True Love, I’ve read quite a few times.

It just rings so true.

It makes me think of people I know. The ones who are searching and dreaming, the ones who used to but stopped and those who don’t need to anymore.

It’s a poem I understand without studying it in a Lit. course, reading support material or working hard to decipher it. It strikes home right away.

Interesting to note that in Hebrew the poem is called “Happy Love”. It adds an emphasis, don’t you think?


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