Saturday’s Book: “Aurora Borealis” by Omri Epstein

My mother always told me that she found it ridiculous when parents said they were being objective about their offspring. Children NEED subjective people in their lives.

So I’m not making any pretences about being objective.

My eldest is writing a trilogy and I’m in the midst of reading volume 2 (about 300 pages each book). It hasn’t been published but it is the book I’m reading.

It has it all. Adventure, sci fi, fantasy and romance. The story focuses on Beck, a teenage girl from Canada along with a group of teens from all over the world. They are being trained to become secret agents of a unique organization, which (naturally) is trying to save the world. The main bases are located at the poles.

Not only does the organization have amazing cutting edge technology, their basesĀ  have a really cool feature of appendixes. Changing spaces which include singular worlds which the teens discover as they learn about themselves, each other and grow up.

There is a strong emphasis on visuals in theĀ  book. The unexpected cities in unlikely places and the scenery are vividly described.

The only reason I haven’t finished reading it is that I absolutely hate reading a book on the computer. I spend enough time working at the computer, so I prefer reading on the couch with my feet up or in bed before I go to sleep!

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