New Q/A Blog: The Key in the Apple

Every now and then I get questions from teachers from other countries who find themselves teaching English as a foreign language to deaf students.

After being contacted by two such teachers in the last week, I thought I should have an additional blog for specific questions on the topic.  It seems to make sense, as teachers sometimes ask the same questions and then I would have links ready for them. It might also be more searchable.

I’ve actually been thinking about this for a long time. While I’m always pleased to hear that someone found useful information on this blog, Visualising Ideas is NOT a blog with any specific agenda, nor do I wish it to be. I love the freedom of blogging about any aspect of being a teacher that is on my mind at a given moment, whether it is teaching deaf teens or hearing adults, battling with the school janitor to turn up the temperature of the air-conditioner, or meeting former students whom I remember but have forgotten their name.

The blog is called The Key in the Apple. At first I thought of calling it “Apples and Zebras”, which is the name of my reading program and first book. It seems there is already a blog with this name.  “From Apples to Zebras” was also taken (both teacher-blogs, by the way). Then I realized I should use the name of both of my books, the second one being “The Book of Keys”. And so a blog was born!

The Q/A format means that this new blog will grow slowly, as needed, without demanding frequent attention. At least that’s my intention – lets wait and see!

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