Saturday’s Play: “Exit the King” by Ionesco + Ionesco & “The Moth”

We saw an excellent production of the play “Exit the King” by Eugene Ionesco this evening. In Hebrew it is called “The King Must Die”. It deals with that inevitable thing that awaits us all, death, in a very interesting way. Afterwards my husband and I were comparing it to “The Never Ending Story” by Michael Ende. That ends differently of course, and is told by a child narrator, but they both have a kingdom literally vanishing in leaps and bounds (Ionesco also has comets chasing their own tails!).

The play ended with the King actually exiting into the audience!

By chance, I recently heard about Ionesco in a COMPLETELY¬† different manner, on my beloved “The Moth” podcasts. A hilarious, well told story about a high-school student who was told by the school librarian (OY!) that Ionesco was just what he was looking for; an unknown French author who actually was translated into English…

You can listen to it here. The other two stories are good too.

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