Saturday’s Book: “A Suitable Boy” by Vikram Seth – Final Curtain


Longest Novel Ever?
Longest Novel Ever?

Who was it that called my reading of this book “epic reading”? Apt!

It is a very good book. I like tales that are told from different points of view, that give me information about what is going on in the world that the characters inhabit. I like the way he depicts characters, so very real, not one sided or simplistic. The female characters are fascinating! I wasn’t able to predict the twists of the plot, a fact which is very important to me in a book. The story is interesting on so many levels. The love stories aren’t standard ones. The friction vs. the friendships that exist when people of two different religions live in close proximity seem as relevant today as the 1950s era they depict.

Nonetheless, it IS too long!  When the plot of a book moves into “end” mode (when the tension is at its peak before everything begins to fall into place) I often spend more hours reading than I should (ignoring any tasks that I can get away with). This section of the book was riveting. However, this section of the book was the last 450 pages! I admit, that I did spend many more hours reading at the end…

I feel a mixture of pleasure at having read the book and relief at having finished it. I stopped reading my magazines completely and I missed them. I barely read my friend’s blogs either.

In short, READ the book but WHEN YOU ARE ON VACATION!



2 thoughts on “Saturday’s Book: “A Suitable Boy” by Vikram Seth – Final Curtain”

  1. LOL, Naomi! That epic reading was mine, because all the signs were indicating it would be such.
    It’s a small victory, isn’t it? One needs a bit of stamina to complete such a “self-inflicted” ordeal. Respect! I am glad the book was worth the time you spent on it.

    1. Stamina is true, Baiba, but I do feel victorious. I am glad I read the book!
      Thanks for encouraging me!

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