Belated Saturday’s Book: “The Humans” by Haig

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It’s a nice book.

Yes, I know, “nice” is sort of a general term, not one to use when describing a book. In fact, the hero of the story says: “To like something is to insult it, either hate it or love it. Be passionate”.

But that’s just it. I heard it as an audiobook with an excellent reader who did the British accents of different people (and different ages) beautifully. The story of an alien who comes to earth and learns what it means to be humans is nice, kind of feel goodish, but not too much so. For example,  it is kind of nice (there, I used the word for the third time!) to stop and think about the question: “why do we make such a fuss about clothes”.

But it isn’t wonderful, or anything to be “passionate” about. Nothing to hate, either.

Just a nice book.

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