An ALPHABET of Teens on the #iTDi Blog!

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Naomi’s Photos

There’s something about teenagers that seems to transcend borders and cultures. Reading the iTDi two-part special on teaching teenagers, written by six teachers from all over the world (including yours truly!) highlights that we all have a shared experience when teaching this age group and can benefit from each other’s experience and tips:

A stands for Audience – find out what a dramatic impact an audience can have in Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto’s  post “The Difference an Audience Makes”.

R stands for Respect – mutual respect is found in “No Respect These Days” by Marc Jones

C stands for Connecting – You’ll easily connect with Kevin Stein’s post “Over the Wall of Experience”.

I stands for Interviewing – Hana Ticha lets the teenagers weigh in on the question whether teaching them is “a Nightmare or a Challenge“.

F stands for fun – Pravita Indriati shows the way in Teens 2.0

T stands for Tired Teenagers – yours truly examines the issue in a post with the same name.

Enjoy the posts and your teenage students!

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