MOST of what teenagers post on INSTAGRAM is…

Hello! You weren’t here before! (Naomi’s photos)

Sometimes things turn up just when you need them. I always like to practice a point that needs highlighting by using something thought-provoking or generally informative.

A few days ago I read a very inspiring lesson plan called “Image challenge – how to teach critical thinking through INSTAGRAM” on Magdalena Wasilewska’s blog. I really recommend checking it out!


My lovely colleague pointed out yesterday that some of our Deaf and hard of hearing students  may have a problem in the upcoming exam with the word “most” since we’ve been reviewing superlatives for the last few weeks. In their reading passage, the word is used when describing the results of a survey, as in “Most of the young people said that…”.


(Naomi’s Photos)


The topic of teenagers who post pictures of themselves in an alternative reality, works beautifully for my purposes.

I chose a different video than the one Magda used as I thought it was less suitable for my class, especially as the characters clearly seem to be talking. What they are saying doesn’t matter, but with my students I prefer videos where it is clear that you don’t need to hear the audio.

Today I started using the following worksheet in class. All sentences include the word “most” but are related to the video.

Here is the worksheet.

most and instagram

Here is the video.

I hope it works well for you too!





3 thoughts on “MOST of what teenagers post on INSTAGRAM is…”

  1. Thanks, Naomi! I am taking your lesson, and putting it in my Google Classroom today. I am also adding a writing task, adapted from the original. This is what I am having them do after they do the work about “most” (I’ll let you know how it goes!):

    Part II: Write
    Every day, thousands of people on Instagram snap pictures meant to invent a new identity for themselves. Numerous artists have criticized the way people use Instagram to make their lives seem more amazing than they are and to set unrealistic standards for their followers. Careful cropping and filtering can make mundane situations seem extraordinary.

    What do you think about this phenomenon? Explain your opinion about the social media and how it affects you and other teenagers today.

    100-120 words

    1. That sounds great Adele! That gives me a version I can use for my high level students, as the simple version is way to easy for them.

  2. As a result of this, my students want to do an Instagram Live…spelling words with their bodies. I haven’t understood their idea completely, but will share if it comes off!

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