On Polar Explorers & Veteran Teachers – Worldwide Responses

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Wondering what the connection between Polar Explorers and Veteran Teachers is?

56 teachers, who have been teaching for 30 years or more, from 17 countries, have weighed in on the issue.

So jump onto an iceberg and check it out! See below!






7 thoughts on “On Polar Explorers & Veteran Teachers – Worldwide Responses”

  1. Dear Naomi,
    I couldn’t see the presentation on my email.
    Please send again,

  2. Nice presentation! Could you send this to me by my email so I can download it to my computer? This may be very helpful resource as I am doing my doctoral thesis!


    1. Glad you liked it Margie!
      If you click on the name of the presentation below the slideshow it will bring you to the slideshare site. There is a download option there.

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