Goal 11 – The easiest goal so far!

Goal 11 of the 30 Goals Challenge is about giving the students choice.

By Gil Epshtein

Our classroom is in the format of a learning center!   Students choose where to sit, whether to work on grammar,  reading or the vocabulary project. Dates of tests are negotiated together and much more!

A book recommendation here:  Jonathan C Erwin’s “The Classroom of Choice, giving students what they need and getting what you want”.

4 thoughts on “Goal 11 – The easiest goal so far!”

  1. This sounds amazing can I ask when you say “Students choose…whether to work on grammar, reading or the vocabulary project, ” are they choices that they make as individuals and carry out as individuals? Or do they make a democratic choice as a class and then that is what you do all together?

    Thanks sounds really interesting 🙂

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