Parents / High-School / Special Ed. – Goal 12

People have been posting amazing things about Goal number 12 of the 30 Goals Challenge. This one is a lovely example and DON’T MISS Shelly’s presentation on the 30goals site!

But here I am again saying “Except…”

Parents with a special-needs child tend to be EXTREMELY involved in their children’s lives. Particulary those who have sent their children with a hearing-loss to a regular school.

They come to the program at my school when they are 16 and often stay till 21. Many are DYING for independance!


need to be taught that THEY are responsible for their behavior and education, not their parents. THEY have to take charge of their lives!

There are a few parents of tenth graders whom I talk to from time to time (I’m not a homeroom teacher). I rarely talk to parents of pupils beyond 10th grade. Many turn 18 in 11th grade!

B.T.W -My youngest is in 11th grade and as a parent I’m sick of “parent involvement” activities in the afternoon! So right – “involvement” is not “engagement” and I don’t need these school events in orer to do something with my son!

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