To Use “Moodle”, “Wiki”, “School Program” or Just Say “FORGET IT”?

I’m currently using Wikispaces as a class site. It’s main use is for homework: the students go to the homework page, download a worksheet that either “stands alone” or is based on a link to a picture or video clip they must watch.The they email me the homework (gmail).

A number of people have recently told me about Moodle. Some recommended it strongly, one said it is more work that its worth.  I also discovered this post by Michelle Reckling on the pros and cons of Moodles. Unlike Michelle, my students do not use it anywhere else. Hers do and yet she reports they don’t like using it and that she is unable to get support from others.

The fact that you can see exactly which pupils have logged on when and done what sounds attractive. I currently keep track of the homework on an excel sheet that I have printed out so the kids can see it too. However,the fact that the moodle looks unattractive does not sounds appealing.

I AM afraid of the extra work using a MOODLE may cause. I’m learning all about using technology in the classroom all on my own and it is very time consuming as it is. I still can’t tell if the benefits will outweigh the effort.

The school computerized grading system has an option for sending emails to students through their files and even attaching a document. I don’t know if links stay “clickable” when sent this way. It would be more work for me to use that instead of the WIKI.The emails can be sent to multiple pupils but only those registered in the same group. I have 9 groups.

On the other hand, it’s not an outside system, students don’t have to get used to  new things. Also the parents have access to it. That, on the condition, that the students haven’t lost their password. I have a few that say ‘I AM NOT going to spend 5 NIS ( a bit more than a dollar) to get a new password! But those students don’t do homework anyway. Using this school system may help encourage the students to monitor their school grade file.

The WIKI is totally open to anyone. I’m already using it. I know I haven’t yet learned all it can do. Maybe I should just stick with it? Or would my life actually be easier once I have a moodle running and can track the homework?

Open to suggestions here!

5 thoughts on “To Use “Moodle”, “Wiki”, “School Program” or Just Say “FORGET IT”?”

  1. Hi Naomi,
    I’ve never tried using a Moodle or wiki with my students. Instead, this year I have been using which is a bit like facebook for education. I don’t know if your students use facebook or not, but if they do, Edmodo would be very easy to get used to. It’s also easy to learn as a teacher. I would highly recommend it! DM me on Twitter if you’d like one of my class codes so that you can see what we’ve been doing with it 🙂

  2. My students are CRAZY about Facebook. Some are excellent at using computers in general, others seem only to know how to log onto Facebook.
    I wonder if the school doesn’t block it.
    Thanks for the idea! Will write you!

  3. Hi there!
    I currently use a wiki in my classroom, and both my students and parents love it! Parents and students both have their individual sign ins, and I can view who was last online, and monitor who edits what. I use, and content is totally private! My opinion is to give a shot, very easy to manipulate!
    All the best in whatever you decide!

  4. Moodle can be a great tool, no need to get intimidated by the thought of applying old school methodologies (that you’d use in the class room, face to face) with new, online methodologies that will save you time, elevate the level of activity between the students and surly, will get them ready for the 21th century, by engaging them with activities that let them experience ICT skills.

    Here is a beautiful example :
    Moodle for Language Teaching

    Also, you are welcome to enjoy the Moodle video tutorial that we post on:

    Nadav 🙂

  5. lboerkamp!
    Thanks for the encouragement! Never heard of this site – I will take a look!
    Thanks for the practical info! I’ve been adding technology to the best of my ability all by myself (there is no school-wise intiative to do so) to my teaching for the past few years and am grateful for any practical assistance!
    Will check out the links!


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