Using a “Homework Video” for Homework


I discovered this short video on Sandy Millin’s blog as part of her excellent summary of the #ELTCHAT on the topic of homework.

I always check out a video without sound to see if it is suitable for use with my students. In this case I actually recommend using this one without sound for hearing pupils – I think it is more amusing (and less stuffy) this way.

I liked the idea of discussing homework habits at the beginning of the new school year. I prepared two simple tasks, the “blue” version and the “red” version. As always, there is more L1 in the  “red” version and the task is even easier.

You can find the tasks under the Downloadable Goodies tab on this blog, included in the category “reading videos”.

I’d love to hear what you did with this video, if you decide to use it!

6 thoughts on “Using a “Homework Video” for Homework”

  1. what a great video.
    love the mustard.

    not sure yet if i have a good target audience but for sure my colleagues do.
    will pass it on.
    thanks, Naomi. All the best to you. (Next week, Rosh Hashana – a mini-break!)

  2. Dear Naomi,
    A retired MFL teacher, I’m still doing some tutoring with kids struggling with French (core, immersion, IB). Today I discovered your blog through MFL resources and am really enjoying it. Thank you. You mentioned that you’re always on the lookout for videos without sound. If you haven’t already discovered them, you might like “French Roast”:

    and, especially – caveat: this very short feature creeps me out but I’m a wuss; the kids eat this clip up! – “Alma”.

    Should you be interested, I have an worksheet for the clips in French that I’d be happy to translate and forward.



    1. Carla!
      That is SO nice of you! I AM always looking for videos. Thank you! I will check these out. Under the tab “downloadable goodies” you can see all the ones I’ve prepared activities for so far.
      What is MFL?

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