Using the Competition Platform to “Spread the Word”

As I have said before, “blogging” and “competition” aren’t terms that go together very well.

Through blogging you meet new people and begin sharing information or experiences with them. That tends to make one (well, me at least) LESS competitive, not more.

So, I’ve recently decided to focus many of my competition posts on “spreading the word” about some awesome projects people here on blogosphere are involved in.

Here’s what I’ve plugged so far:

* The 30 goals project

*(Almost) Infinite ELT Ideas

* Eltpics

* Take a Photo and…

IĀ  have no idea how many people read the posts – the only information I have is the number of comments.

Spread the word and see what happens! That is my motto at the moment!


2 thoughts on “Using the Competition Platform to “Spread the Word””

  1. Thanks very much for those plugs šŸ™‚ I’ve been getting a few more hits on Infinite ELT Ideas over the last few days and now I know why! Still waiting for ideas though.. šŸ˜‰

  2. I’ve got one in the works for you. Waiting for more pupils to use it and then I’ll post about it!
    Happy to hear someone paid attention!

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