It’s Saturday! The Annual Book Fair

It’s long been a family tradition to go to the annual book fair every June. We usually go to Tel-Aviv which has the largest fair, though I believe every city and town in the country has one. Every publisher has a stall (small country but many publishers and writers!), authors come to sign their books and some unrelated “festival” stuff.

As much as I love reading, I’ve always been the member of the family who gets tired of it most quickly.

When we were just a young couple I hardly read in Hebrew and this is the Hebrew Book Fair!

When the kids were small we would help them choose their book and sometimes even had an author sign it which was really exciting. Now they just disappear the moment we arrive.

Personally I am not fond of crowds and quickly tire of browsing when it is so crowded and noisy. My husband and I have cut back on purchasing books and frequent the library. But the boys delighted in the sales and came home with armloads of books! Their excitement and pleasure is worth it!

3 thoughts on “It’s Saturday! The Annual Book Fair”

  1. Hi Naomi!

    Wow! As you already know, I love books so book fairs are something I am crazy about – and how wonderful that you all go as a family : ) That is my dream – that my future children will love books too!

    Any spotting of Amos Oz? ; ) He and Pamuk are my favourites!

    Happy you had a great time – but who wouldn’t, surrounded by so many books and writers? ; )


  2. Vicky!
    I like books by Amos Oz too (he wasn’t there that night). Poor guy, he keeps hoping to win a Nobel Prize but hasn’t happened yet…Trying looking for Meir Shalev. I know his books have been translated and he’s a really great writer too.

  3. Hi Naomi,

    I really hope he wins one – I will be so happy for him (and all his readers), he totally deserves a Nobel! “My Michael” is my favourite book by him. Meir Shalev…I will look into him! Thank you for the tip!

    Have a great evening,

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