Its Saturday! Choosing a Book by its Cover

I chose a book this week by its cover. I thought I didn’t really do that (except for books that their covers STRONGLY hint that  you might  find them hidden under a mattress. I don’t take those). But then I began thinking about it. Maybe I DO do that and what’s so wrong with that?

I don’t really like reading blurbs on the back cover of books as they tend to give too much of the plot away. I try to stop reading the blurb after a sentence or two but I don’t always succeed. I’ve put many a book back on the library shelf because I’ve felt that I know to much and can guess the rest. Its better to examine the front cover and the first page of the book, or even open the book to a page chosen randomly and to read a paragraph.

This week the title “The Book Borrower” caught my eye (by Alice Mattison). You can imagine why! Then I saw a review on the cover that compared the author to Margaret Atwood, whose books I really enjoy. That was enough for me!

So, now you know what next week Saturday’s book will be about! I’ve only read about 10 pages and still don’t have an opinion. More next week!


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