Saturday’s Book: “The Book Borrower” by Alice Mattison

I really don’t know what to make of this book.  It’s as if the book hasn’t made up its own mind regarding what kind of book it is. At times I’m puzzled. For example, the main theme of the book is supposed to be the powerful friendship between two women but the friendship is described only from the point of view of one of the two women. I can’t figure out what made this relationship work like it did. There is also a bit of confusion when reading – often its not clear if a statement is something that the heroine actually said or just thought to herself.

On the other hand, at no point did I think of giving up on the book. You can see some elements of the story becoming related and I have to see how it plays out. In addition, the author surprised me. I like that in a book. One of the first story lines is related to a tragic event. When it becomes painfully clear that this chain of events will end badly the author acknowledges that the reader knows it and really doesn’t want all the gory details and takes the tale into the future (in case someone actually didn’t get it the sad event IS mentioned later on at some point).

Still haven’t finished it (my pace of reading slowed down considerably now that I’m back at work full time!). Will add a postscript when I do finish it.

Monday: Finished the book last night. I must admit I didn’t know what to make of the ending either. I was glued (stayed up until the last words were read) but was left feeling that I didn’t really understand the point which was being made. Rather a bewildering situation for me!

3 thoughts on “Saturday’s Book: “The Book Borrower” by Alice Mattison”

  1. Wow! Sounds like quite a book, Naomi : ) I would still be inteersted in reading it – and you know, I just love books whose titles include the word “book” – like this one, or “The Book Thief”!

    Can’t wait to read your postscript : )


  2. You are so quick Vicky!
    The title also made me think of “The book thief”!
    Books are important here, the heroine is an English teacher, but English as in language skills for L1 speakers, not EFL!

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