Saturday’s Book: “In the Name of the Mother” by Erri De Luca

Any book by Erri De Luca that I can get my hands on, I read. This is third one since I’ve started this blog.

My husband brought it home from the library in Hebrew.  I don’t know if it was translated into English – Amazon only carries it in Italian.

If I had seen the name in English I might have guessed what it was about but as it was I was clueless. It has to do with the birth of Jesus from the mother’s point of view. Though, now that I’ve finished it I believe it is about giving birth in a very univerasal sense. Strange to think that the author is a man!

Its a very small book. I never dreamed I would read it in less than a week during the hectic beginning of a  school year! Its only 66 pages, the pages are smaller than normal and the print is large. And, as always. Erri De Luca is immensly readable. Wonder why this book was translated into Hebrew and at not into English (at least as far as I found on the web)?


Unrelated note: Read a great post for book lovers: “Just Let them Read Books”  .  I really enjoyed it.

2 thoughts on “Saturday’s Book: “In the Name of the Mother” by Erri De Luca”

  1. I enjoyed “Just let them read” too. Unfortunately, too many kids are not wired that way any more. It shocks me to hear kids tell me, after reading a book for a book report, that that was the first book they had ever read (or something of the sort). The secret is toe get the PARENTS reading for the joy of it – and THAT is what is more likely (MORE likely, I write – NOT a certainty) to get passed on. It is rare for us, as teachers, to have that effect on a student.

    1. Adele,
      The message children get from seeing their parents read for pleasure IS a hard one to duplicate in the classroom.
      I think I probably reacted to that post as a MOM…

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