Saturday’s Book: “Man Walks into A Room” by Nicole Kraus

Yes, it’s me again – never had two Saturday posts before!

But it’s pouring rain outside and I also read a book this week (a short one, for a change!).

This is actually Kraus’s first book, but the third one I’ve read. My favorite is her second one “The history of love” which I read before I began blogging and REALLY REALLY liked. Then I read Great House which was not an easy read and not as good. I hesitated a bit but decided to try the author’s first book.

Its fascninating, unusual and deals with that ever troubling issue called memory, and loss of it. I still love the second book better but this is certainly worth reading. I had trouble putting it down as everything is so vivid.

Off to the library tomorrow – that was my last book!

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