Saturday’s Book: “Exit Ghost” by Philip Roth

Bottom line – I didn’t understand the book.

I first tried reading Roth as a teenager (Portnoy’s Complaint, I think it was). I was much too young. I didn’t even consider trying another of his books for years.

Until my husband read Roth’s “The Plot Against America” and got me to read it too. It is an excellent book and I was completely drawn in.

So when I encountered this book at the library I thought it high time to try another of his books.

There ae passages which were a pure pleasure to read.  He most certainly can write! However, I finished the book feeling puzzled. I didn’t get the point of it and did not get involved with the characters. I’ve read some reviews so now I know more about what I was (perhaps) supposed to “get”. I didn’t need any reviews to help me with the “The plot against America”.

Oh well. Have already been to the library!


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