Visualising School – A “post-rain” Photo Pause

A teacher gets “new eyes” with camera in hand!

Unusual amounts of rain came down this week.  Driving to school Wednesday morning was quite difficult, even though I don’t live very far from the school.

This was the view from my classroom window yesterday. The students came in during the breaks to admire the “lake”:

Classroom by the lake Naomi's photos
Classroom by the lake
Naomi’s photos


On the way back to the car it stopped raining long enough for me to find this gem in front of my parking spot:

Naomi's photos
Naomi’s photos

The first indication that today would be brighter came not from the sky but from the hallways! Haven’t discovered who was celebrating yet…


And then the sun came out! Color and life in the front school yard!

Brilliance in the school yard
Brilliance in the school yard


Naomi's photos
Are the sparrows enjoying the reflections?



Note: This is an educator’s blog, so only school related pictured are posted here. To see what this teacher comes up with when pounding the pavement of her hometown, see here:

Pounding The Pavement in Kiryat-Ono

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