Saturday’s Book: “Goodbye Columbus” by Philip Roth

Not the Japanese Garden you might think it to be  (Naomi's Photos)
Not the Japanese Garden you might think it to be
(Naomi’s Photos)

I made a mental note back in June, after having a conversation with Marjorie Rosenberg, that I needed to fill the hole in my education and read this classic book.

I’m really glad I did. There’s the main novella, which shares the title of the book and short stories. I actually enjoyed the short stories the most. In Goodbye Columbus the descriptions really moved me the ( the scenes that take place in the Newark Public library, and outside of it, are great!), while in the short stories the characters delivered the punch.

As I once mentioned, I tried reading Philp Roth when I was in my late teens and didn’t understand or relate to the books. I feel differently now that I’m older. I don’t think that the “young me” understood the nuances and subtleties, or what things represented at all. I can now see how skillful the author is at getting his message across.

On the other hand, I didn’t understand Roth’s book  “Exit Ghost” and that was last June! I can’t blame that on youth!

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