Saturday’s Book: “Truth and Beauty” by Ann Patchett

Photo by Gil Epshtein
Photo by Gil Epshtein

When I find a book by Ann Patchett In the library I take it at once. I really enjoyed all four of the previous books that I had got a hold of. I think “Run” was my favorite but that is open to discussion as they were all so good.
This book is different from the others. It isn’t fiction.
It tells the story of Patchett’s friendship with Lucy Grealy, a writer, and is officially about Lucy yet naturally deals with Patchett’s life as well. As fascinating and an unusual a character Lucy was, it’s Anne’s life that interested me even more. She’s the person who wrote the books I enjoyed so much!
It’s very good. There is a small part in the middle which was a bit slow for me, but otherwise it was great. Patchett describes herself as the “ant” to Lucy’s “grasshopper” and it’s absolutely riveting to see how the challenges and benefits of being Lucy’s close friend intertwine with her finding her own way in life as a person and as a writer. I personally am interested in how “ant” types deal with life. No wonder she had to write a book about Lucy when she passed away!

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