PANIC – Someone Broke Into My Classroom!

Yesterday we went back to school after a three day vacation + the Sabbath.

The first thing I noticed was that the computer wasn’t properly covered by the brown tablecloth I use and that the monitor was on. Odd – I’m pretty careful about checking the computer before I leave for the day. I turned on the computer and saw that it worked. Felt relieved.

Then I noticed some items weren’t where I left them. The metal closet door was bent slightly out of shape but  its doors were locked.

THEN I discovered that the rectangular windows, above the whiteboard were open. They are sliding windows so the whole length of the whiteboard (a small one, by the way) was open. I never open those windows. The other ones, at normal height have bars on them.

FINALLY, I discovered that the side of the computer’s CPU was just leaning against the computer and some cut wires were on the floor. They had a “thingie” that said “speakers” on them. My volunteer hazarded a guess that the sound card was taken. Couldn’t check as I don’t have speakers connected to the computer.

I taught straight through all day yesterday and also needed to collect my emotions before going to report the incident. I must admit that my first thought was : Oh, NO! They’ll take my computer away!

I reported it this morning, to the woman in charge of the computers at school. She just said that she would send the technician to check the computer. No drama at this stage. Whew!

We’ll see what happens next…

11 thoughts on “PANIC – Someone Broke Into My Classroom!”

  1. I don’t know what will happen next. I was a bit slow to report it because I was kind of going: “no, no, this couldn’t have happened, not now when the computer is such a boon to have in the classroom!”.
    Most pupis don’t know it happened. Luckily the classroom wasn’t trashed. I did not initiate discussions on the topic.

  2. Wow! Sorry to hear that. I often am paranoid about all the tech in my classroom. Sad that someone could consider stealing from a child. Really…that is what they are doing!

  3. Today I learned that there were signs of attempted break-ins at other locations in the school though mine was the only one they entered. Except for one they were all rooms with computers. sounds like someone who know where computers are located in the school…

  4. Sorry to hear that Naomi! I am glad that your room wasn’t trashed. It seems they were looking for something specific.

    Weird. Why not take the whole computer? But glad they didn’t.

    1. The computer technician finally came. He said that they took the computer’s internal speaker and the screws that held the side of the CPU shut. He replaced them and that seems to be that. No dramas. WOW!

  5. Jemma,
    You are so right! We’ve just gone on two more weeks of vacation (our High Holidays) and I really hope to find that all is well when I return!

  6. Bleh… break-ins are nasty. I’ve experienced a couple myself, but never at school. I can’t even really imagine it. Glad nothing terrible resulted.

  7. I must admit that I feel that it is MY classroom – I have invested a lot there and despite the problems that still exist in the room, I feel that connection between the physical space and the atmosphere works. Can’t imagine teaching without being there now. Hope it survives for a long time to come (lost some of my sense of security).

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