Reading Comprehension – Reviewing “Soft Skills”

What are they discussing? (Naomi's Photos)
What are they discussing?
(Naomi’s Photos)

The definition of the term “soft skills” that I read on the site,  includes the following words:

“…they include common sense”…

Many of my deaf and hard of hearing teenage students have great difficulty in answering advanced type reading comprehension questions. Particularly those questions which call for taking advantage of common sense and general knowledge.

While I am under no illusion that one worksheet for each type of question (which you will find at the bottom of this post) will be enough review-practice for these students, it’s a place to start. I tried to make them as memorable as I could without resorting to things one wouldn’t show in class…

These three particular question types  have been chosen because they appear in the reading comprehension text of their first exam of the year. I’m hoping that this fact will encourage the students to pay attention when I highlight these question types in class and that they answer them well on the exam. Before we can talk about the sentence structure of the students’ answers they have to really understand what type of answer is required.

It’s one of the big challenges every year.

I’m hoping…

The question types are:

1) What is the answer to the question in the title?

2) Copy a fact that explains the title.

3) What is xxx an example of?

Here are the three worksheets:

Animals and Communication 2

Seeing isn’t believing 2

An example of 2015


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